Episode #9 – From CRISPR to Chitosan

For this month, for our 9th episode, our speakers walk us through the general outlines of these two new papers and also masterfully articulate the ways in which these findings connect to what currently is practiced within the field of Food Microbiology

Caitlin and Meghan look into the use of CRISPRSeroSeq as a method for Salmonella serotype identification. This method allows for rapid and specific identification of low abundance serovars within a sample, which could revolutionize the surveillance of foodborne pathogens. This technology has the potential to increase the response rate and traceback of foodborne outbreaks of the most common foodborne disease-causing pathogen in the United States. This month we even had the pleasure of interviewing Assistant Professor at Gettysburg College, Dr. Nikki Shariatwho is one of the authors of our first paperDr. Shariat has a strong background in Salmonella and is currently utilizing it to develop CRISPR-based molecular tools for Salmonella surveillance. 

Our second paper outlines the exciting new potential of incorporating bacteriophages into chitosan-based edible films as an alternative method for biocontrol in food packaging. The paired antimicrobial properties of bacteriophages and chitosan address the issues of plastic waste in the food industry without compromising on food safety! 

Thompson, C. P., A. N. Doak, N. Amirani, E. A. Schroeder, J.Wright, S. Kariyawasam, R. Lamendella, and N. W. Shariat. 2018. High-resolutionidentification of multiple Salmonella serovars in a single sample usingCRISPR-SeroSeq.Appl Environ Microbiol.

Amarillas, L., L. Lightbourn, A. K. Angulo-Gaxiola, J.Heredia, A. González-Robles, and J. León-Félix. 2018. The antibacterial effectof chitosan-based edible coating incorporated with a lytic bacteriophageagainst Escherichia coli O157:H7 on the surface of tomatoes.

Download: Episode #9 – From CRISPR to Chitosan

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