Season 2

We are delighted to announce Season 2 of Food Micro Minutes! Despite the frigid cold and snowy conditions in Ithaca, we could not be happier to continue bringing the latest food microbiology research to everyday scientists. This season get excited for our new segment ‘Name that Microbe’ – tune into the first episode for more details!


The Food Micro Minutes team has gathered around Cornelia, the Department of Food Science’s very own mascot, to keep her warm.

Top (left to right), Sophia Harrand, Meghan McGillin, Mariely Medina, Ola Esho,
Jonathan Sogin, Emma Farquharson, Dr. Sam Nugen (advisor)
Bottom (left to right) Caitlin Carmody, Josh Herskovitz, Hannah Zurier, Alexa Cohn;
Not pictured, Jason Goodman, Marie Lawton, Genevieve Sullivan, Zhixin Wang.


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